American Tall: Stylish Essentials for Big and Tall Men

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There existed a time where stylish essentials for big and tall men simply didn’t exist. There was the white dress shirt that one manufacturer made with the extra long sleeves. You could get an 3XL t-shirt and simply wear something ill-fitting, the right length but not the right width, or vice versa. If you really knew where to search you … Read More

Custom Made Tuxedo from Tailor Made Shanghai

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Kyle Andrew big and tall tuxedo Custom Made Tuxedo from Tailor Made Shanghai

Who is your favourite James Bond of all time? Which is your favourite Bond movie? Thanks to Tailor Made Shanghai I got to channel my inner 007 during a shoot. This custom made tuxedo from Tailor Made Shanghai let me live out my secret agent fantasy. And you can have your own custom made clothing, mens or womens, by joining me … Read More

Big and Tall Fall Fashion 2017 – Feature

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big and tall fall fashion kyle andrew 48 long

Fall has arrived. And depending on where you live in the world it’s either come in like a lamb, or roared in like a lion. Suffice it to say, it’s time to bundle up, and embrace big and tall fall fashion. Click here to load the Big and Tall Fall Fashion 2017 Feature. has put together a selection of … Read More