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I am on a quest for great big and tall jeans. Don’t get me wrong, I own a few pairs of jeans I really like but I don’t own any that I really love. And I feel like that needs to change. In fact, this may very well be my own fault as I’ve not looked into it extensively. My current two favourite pairs of jeans are both from Levi’s and neither of them are big and tall specifically, however I find certain styles of theirs just seem longer or perhaps wear longer than their labelled. But I look at my more normal sized friends and their perfectly fitted and hyper stylish denim and I can’t pretend I’m not jealous.

This post will serve as an entry point on my quest for great big and tall jeans. For the purpose of clarification I am specifically looking for jeans available in an inseam greater than 34″ as in my mind this qualifies a pant as being made specifically for tall men. I personally qualify more for the tall than I do the big part of this equation, I welcome someone wanting to perhaps do a guest post in the future on here about jeans made for big fellas.

This morning I will be emailing as many companies as possible asking two very simple questions:

  1. Do you make jeans for big and tall men? If so which of your models/styles are available as such?
  2. Where can we get them?

As I gather the answers I will update this thread. I plan to do posts similar to this in the future for very specific items like jeans, slippers, boots, sweaters etc. Please subscribe to the mailing list below to stay up to date as I will be informing this community of updates via the email list, and of course social media.

As of December 4th 2017 I have contacted the following companies. Notes will be updated as I receive a response from them:

  • 34 Heritage – (updated Dec 5th 2017) “Our styles come in inseams 32, 34 and 36, we also have a limited selection available in a 38 inseam, our waist sizes come in 28-54. Please note that not all styles are available in all sizes. Some examples currently available available on our website in a 36in inseam: Courage Indigo Core (available in 36 inseam in waist sizes 32-42), Cool Mid Manhattan (available in 36 inseam in waist sizes 32-36), Cool Rinse Vintage (available in 36 inseam in waist sizes 32-40), Charisma Midnight Tencel (available in 36 inseam in waist sizes 32-44). Stock is available via our website:, and through various stores and boutiques across Canada including Harry Rosen.”
  • 7 For All Mankind – (updated Dec 6th 2017) “We currently have the 1 long inseam jean available the Austyn Relaxed Straight Leg in Los Angeles Dark Denim
  • AG Jeans – (updated Dec 5th 2017) “We carry a select assortment of styles in a 36″ inseam, you can shop these by following the link below or filtering by inseam 36” on Our men’s pants go up to Sz.42. Click here to shop our 36″ inseam selections. Our Ives style is a five-pocket pant cut for specifically for an athletic fit. Designed to accommodate a muscular build, the silhouette is roomy through the seat and thighs with a tapered leg opening, you can shop The Ives here.
  • American Eagle
  • American Tall – (updated Dec 5th 2017)We offer all of our jeans and pants in waist size 30” – 42” (we’ll be adding larger sizes shortly).  Our inseams range from 36” to 40” inches in all of our styles.  We carry 19-21 sizes in most of our pants! We currently offer a straight leg fit (very similar to Levis 501), as well as a tapered fit which is a touch slimmer in the thigh and tapered 1.5” at the ankle.  We’ve just added a true skinny fit as well which is significantly slimmer.” These can all be found on
  • Bonobos – (updated Dec 5th 2017) “We do indeed offer jeans with a 36″ inseam! We have a few options, actually! You can check out our Premium Stretch Jeans, our classic Blue Jeans, and our colorful Travel Jeans. All of these options come in a variety of shades, and you can get a 36″ inseam in waist sizes 32″-40″. We also have a few different Fits so that you can get your jeans as tapered or as loose as you desire! Our Athletic Fit has more room in the seat and thighs, but still maintains a close taper below the knee. Our Slim Fit and our Tailored Fit have a tighter silhouette all around (the Tailored being the most tapered fit), and our Straight Fit is for guys who want no taper whatsoever.”
  • Buffalo – (updated Dec 10th 2017) “We do have a big and tall section however there are no styles currently available. You may also find big and tall options at DXL”
  • Calvin Klein – (updated Dec 5th 2017) “You can find big & tall Calvin Klein products, including jeans, through our whole sale distributors such as Amazon and Destination XL.”
  • Citizens of Humanity
  • Daniel Hechter
  • Diesel
  • DSTLD(updated Dec 10th 2017) “We do have a variety of sizes available for out products. Although you may find it in limited stocks only. For inseams, we do offer inseams greater than 34″. Since most sizes that are not ordered that much are on limited stocks only, we advise to use the “can’t find your size?” so that you will be notified when it is available for purchase.”
  • Eddie Bauer – (updated Dec 10th 2017) “Thank you for contacting Eddie Bauer requesting information about our jeans in the tall size.” At this point their response got a just a wee bit automated for me to continue to quote, however they offer a number of their jeans in tall cut in the tall section of their website.
  • Gap – (updated Dec 5th 2017)  “Thank you for your email regarding our Men Jeans sizing. Currently, offers Men Jeans with an inseam length up to 36L. You may view our Jeans that are currently available in the Tall sizes by clicking here.
  • Hugo Boss – (added Dec 7th 2017, awaiting official response)
  • J Crew
  • Levi’s – (updated Dec 10th 2017) “The main styles offered in Big and Tall are 501, 505, 514, 541, 550, 559, and 560. This may help you too: US has “Special Size’s” list across the top filter of the home screen, the Canada site has a Big & Tall section under Jeans by fit.”
  • Paige – (updated Dec 6th 2017) As much as we would love to provide a comfortable fit for everyone, we regret to inform you that we do not make a inseam length longer than 34 inches. We understand this news doesn’t meet your needs, and we apologize.”
  • Ralph Lauren
  • Reason
  • Silver Jeans – (updated Dec 26th 2017) “We actually only started introducing Big and Tall styles a couple months ago, so your timing in reaching out is perfect! Our big and tall styles can be found here on our website. Of additional note for your American readers, these styles can be found at Macy’s and Dillards.”
  • True Religion

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