Cubavera Big and Tall: Latino style for men of all sizes

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One of the wonderful aspects of being on this journey into big and tall fashion for men, is watching it expand to include new elements of style, making not just fashion available to men of all sizes, but fashion from other cultures available to us as well. 


Recently, Cubavera has launched an expanded range of big and tall clothing, with larger sizes across the line and tall-specific sizing as well. My personal favourite is of course a traditional Guayabera but there are a number of pieces in their collection that are begging to be added to your closet.

Linens have always been tricky for big men, specifically finding them to fit properly. Cubavera has a range of larger sized shirts and pants, and many of the pants feature a tasteful drawstring closure to ensure the perfect fit. 

Cubavera Big and Tall from Cubavera on Vimeo.

For so many of us that travel to warmer locations for vacations, adding Cubavera Big and Tall to your travel wardrobe is now essential. Breathable, comfortable menswear with incredible style is the perfect selection for a night out in a tropical locale. 

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