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My name is Kyle Andrew and fashion and style matter to me. However I’m 6’8 and therefore developing my personal style and sourcing out fashionable menswear that fits me properly has become quite the journey. But finding style as a big and tall man is not impossible. It’s just harder. This website exists so that I can share that journey with you, and help some of you find your own sense of style in the process.

For as long as I can remember I’ve liked buying myself nice clothes, dating back to my early years as a teen. Yeah, I’m one of those guys that actually likes shopping. However as I kept growing the challenge in doing so became more clear. As a very big man I am in the minority and odds are the clothes I want to wear won’t be available in the sizes I need. And so over the years the hunt for perfect fitting clothes for big and tall men has sort of become my hobby.

So many big and tall men settle for clothes that don’t fit, wear shoes long past their expiration date because they can’t find new ones, and confine themselves to boring outfits. This isn’t necessarily because they have a poor sense of style, rather, they simply never developed theirs not knowing a plethora of options exist for guys like us.

And that is why this website exists. This is not a label. We don’t make clothes. This is an informational resource filled with inspiration. I want to open the minds of big men and help you discover the incredible amount of clothing, shoes and accessories that cater to the tall and XXL crowd. In the coming weeks, months and years I will share with you everything I find that will lead us all down the path towards better personal style, and an admirable fashion sense.

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I thank you for joining me here, and I look forward to this journey together.

Kyle Andrew

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Kyle Andrew shot by Patricia Recourt

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