Big and Tall equals frustration: why this website exists

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big and tall equals frustration

I wanted to pass along a quick note for anyone visiting for the first time and wondering what the point of this website is. My name is Kyle Andrew and I have spent a lifetime frustrated by attempting to find stylish clothing for someone my size. I am a very tall man and often have had a tough time finding clothes that fit me at all, let alone fit me properly. I’ve spoken to many of my #XXL brothers and their frustrations are shared. The simple truth is, big and tall equals frustration.

This website exists because I know for certain that stylish options exist for us. We just have to be patient, come to terms with the process of finding them, and understand how to make clothes look their best when draped over a very large frame.

As an example of my/our frustrations, take my recent large size boots guide. The goal was simple. Reach out to as many companies as I could think of and ask for an official statement about boots they make available in sizes 14+. A very simple request. FAR beyond half of the companies never responded to my emails. Several also ignored social media messages. A couple even RETURNED the emails due to technical errors with their websites. I was quite shocked to find my very simple request ignored when attempting to help a company sell some of their products, in many cases, to people that didn’t even realize their brand may be an option.

To those companies that DID respond, and to those that went above and beyond to help me dig for the information, the entire community of big and tall men thank you. You’ll have our dollars soon. enough.

To those companies that have thusly ignored the requests, tsk tsk. Big and tall equals frustration indeed. However it’s not too late. To tell the world of big and tell men about your brand, please contact me here.

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